Tom Ramos has extensive professional experience working with print, radio, and television media. In addition, he has granted interviews, given lectures, and made presentations at conferences, high schools, and universities. This wide range of experience will serve the publisher well and enable the author to partner effectively with the publisher to market and promote his book, From Berkeley to Berlin. He is amenable to working with a private publicist to support the marketing and promotional efforts of his publisher. 

The Upstarts focuses on the first ten years of the history of the Livermore laboratory, but there are other themes and topics that would be extremely interesting to clubs and readers of general history that the book touches on, including:

  • American history in the 20th century
  • Politics
  • Physics discoveries that had international repercussions
  • American giants of science 
  • America’s leading political thinkers of the 1950s and 60s
  • The birth of computers
  • The Eisenhower and Kennedy years
  • Leaders of the Soviet Union
  • The emergence of American “Think Tanks” that influence government policy
  • Nuclear crises